Wizards Cheerleaders

NBA Halftime Shows - 2016, 2017, 2018

"Dholi Ram was AMAZING to work with. We had the pleasure of working with him for two halftime shows in 2 different seasons with the Washington Wizards. Through his beats, we were not only able to be comfortable performing to both bollywood and bhangra but he gave some hot beats to some of the hip hop that we performed to as well. He is a unique talent to anyone from a small stage to the NBA stage! "

Tania and Anish Vora

Clients-Cancun, Mexico-November 17, 2013

"Dholi Ram helped make my wedding magical on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico. He is tireless, passionate, and the best at what he does. My wedding was 3 full days long and he never once let up. I would recommend Dholi Ram to anyone who is getting married or having an event where they want to have a dhol player. My favorite part of my wedding was my Barat. During that event, my groomsmen and I arrived on the beach in jet skis, Ram could be seen playing his dhol on the beach waiting for our arrival along with rest of the wedding party. When we arrived, he was the music as my friends and I danced on the sand. Dholi Ram will forever be a part of what was a magical weekend for my wife and I."

Rajeev and Ravi

Clients- Washington, D.C- September 1, 2012

"Ram was an incredible person to work with! We used him during the Bharat and Milni, as well as the Reception. He knows how to build excitement, vary his playing and keep the energy going until the very end. He's also one of the most technically sound dholi players I have ever heard (and this is coming from a critical person!). His ability to thoroughly enjoy what he does shows in his demeanor, with a big smile on his face. I can't say enough great things about Ram and would recommend him 10 times over to anyone looking for a professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable player for ANY event."

Anuj and Tanya Phull

Client-Washington, D.C.-June 22, 2012

"Dholi Ram was brilliant. He was able to mix and blend very well with the music being played, which was a mixture of English and Bhangra. All of our family and friends were impressed, joined alongside him to dance and never left the dance floorThe dholi’s performance was the highlight of the ENTIRE DAY and I would recommend him to ANYONE without hesitation! "

Astha and Peymon

Clients-Baltimore, MD-November 24, 2012

"Dholi Ram is the BEST Dholi in the MD/DC/VA area and I was thrilled to have you as part of our wedding.  You came with excellent reviews and recommendations and you proved to be nothing less then phenomenal.  From the Baraat to the  Wedding and throughout the Reception – you added the exact energy, beats and excitement that we were looking for.  The dance floor was packed all night with everyone from grandparents to young children and everything in between.  Your passion for great music really reflects when you are on the Dhol!! You come equipped with state-of-the-art quality equipment – Dhol with a built in microphone was awesome!! Aside from your skills on the Dhol (which are incredible) you were an absolute pleasure to work with.  You are professional, you listen and you offer great advice.  I cant wait to see you at our next event – you truly are the BEST!  Thank you so much for everything."

Maryam Sheikh

Client-Greenbelt, MD-September 3, 2011

"I was searching for someone to play dhol at my brother’s wedding.  I found Dholi Ram through my search for a local vendor on a wedding Website.  Dholi Ram was talented and he arrived on time.  He entertained the guest with his dhol and everyone had an amazing time at the wedding.  A few years later, I referred him for my cousin’s wedding.  Once again, he entertained and amazed all the guests.  I highly recommend him because he is talented and he truly enjoys playing the dhol.  Dholi Ram is amazing!"

Ravi Chaudhary

President Obama's Commissioner on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Affairs

"Dholi Ram's vibrant choreography and rich artistic performances have a unique allure that sets him apart from all others whom I've had the pleasure of watching.  I had the honor of hosting Dholi Ram at my Air Force Retirement ceremony. His performance, along with his 5 Rivers Bhangra Team, made such an impression that it prompted an immediate invite to perform at a White House youth event.  He is truly an amazing performer as well as an outstanding person!"

Pratima Dharm

First Hindu Chaplain of the United States Army

“Ram has regaled the US Military service members, staff, families and veterans with his ‘Dhol’, an Indian instrument that traces its roots into the Indian subcontinent’s rich heritage of folk music and dance. His  piercing and rythmic sounds of the beating drum have entertained the halls of the esteemed Walter Reed and the Pentagon on several occasions like Diwali (Indian festival of lights), Holi (Indian festival of colors) and Makar Sankranti (Indian harvest festival). Ram is not only trained in classical Indian music but also the tabla and various Indian folk dances. He is a bundle of creative energy and has brought a fresh air of culture, diversity and understanding within the US Military with an unmatched air of confidence, talent and panache. Good luck to you Ram in all your future endeavors!"

First Class Bhangra

"Dholi Ram has been a part of our team for several years. We have been lucky to have such a skilled player accompany us during our performances. Ram has been the heartbeat of our team at competitions across the country and has received high praise from judges and audience members at every show. Though Dholi Ram was an amazing player when he began playing for our team 3 years ago, we have watched him meticulously practice and refine his craft to become an exceptional artist. His talent as a dholi is equally matched by his kind and enthusiastic personality.  His professional approach to playing and ability to tailor every performance makes him the perfect dholi for any event."

Preeti Vasudeva

Founder and Special Events Planner of Preeti Exclusive Event Planning

"Working with Dholi Ram is always a guaranteed great time for my clients and myself. His energy and spirit are full of zest! Having Dholi Ram at a party means the crowd will be entertained, he will arrive with abundant energy, will be on time, he will be dressed in authentic costume and he may even dance just to get the shy people on the dance floor. As an event planner, there are many vendors you need to track, time management has to be perfect, and you have to exceed your clients expectations, among many other things. With Dholi Ram, I don’t need to worry about any other those things."



Jag Singh

"Ram is a very professional and talented musician.  He's got an incredible sense of his audience, and has the skilled ability to play according to their taste.  His passion for music shows when he performs and also can be demonstrated by the various instruments he is able to play.  Perhaps one of the biggest advantages he has over other musicians is that he's genuine - given his talent, he's actually very humble, and easy to work with.  Lots of talented musicians come with egos, and are often harder to work with, but Ram is all about making sure his clients are happy with his service."

Ateet Ahuja

“I have used Ram in many of my events to provide Dhol services for Baraat’s. His ability to lead the crowd, attention to detail, and sheer love for the instrument are amazing. I truly enjoy working with him on my events as he brings a high caliber of service which is what I expect to deliver to all my clientele.”

Maryland Terrapind Bhangra

"Our experience with Ram as a Dholi has been no less than exceptional and professional. His versatile abilities are highlighted when seen performed live. He is extremely dependable and will not fail in getting a crowd pumped. Besides his entertainment factor, he is approachable and can customize your event with his dhol skills. Definitely one of the best dholis in the area."

Lavesh Pritmani

CEO of Learn Bhangra App

Dholi Ram is the utmost professional who is committed to delivering the best service to his clients, team, or anyone else he works with. His efforts in spreading Dhol and Bhangra are well respected, and there is no questioning his talent. I highly recommend working with him!


Ayesha Hussain

"Ram is not only a very talented Dhol player but also a very kind and caring human being.  Every time I have worked with him I have seen him how he gets the crowd excited and how he beats the drum with such passion that no one wants to stop dancing!  When one sees him play it is very evident that he is not only playing because he is hired to play, he is playing for the love of music!  One comparison comes to mind is that of a sufi darwash who dances with so much enthusiasm and devotion that one can't help but fall in love!

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