Video Clips

For the best audio quality, please use headphones! Enjoy!

Dholi Ram Preview

A mini preview of one my  dhol which was recorded right before a baraat in Baltimore!

Baraat Preview

Preview of an outdoor baraat (uniform + dhol + playing along with music). FYI- I am able to do baraats with or without music.

5 Rivers Bhangra- United States Air Force Performance

Performance on 11/14/2014 at Andrews Air Force Base to honor Col Ravi Chaudhary on his retirement from the US Air Force

Baraat (in progress)

Check out a baraat clip in Richmond, VA where I played solo and was able to get the crowd INTO IT! Think of how this interaction can benefit your event!

5 Rivers Bhangra- Pentagon 2013 Performance

Check out this performance from my 2013 performance at the Pentagon! It was one of the marquee performances of the day! It was a great time as we were able to honor and entertain all the men and women of our armed forces!

First Class Bhangra @ Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational Competition

On  the night of February 26, 2015, I had the pleasure of performing for this special team in Washington, D.C. That night had presented us with an unexpected twist. In about s minutes after the music had started, there was a technical difficulty which had unfortunately cut the music. However, my teammates and I had spontaneously kept on going with just my dhol and the audience's support! Watch and listen to the craziness which had unfolded! It was a special night indeed!  

2015 White House South Asian Symposium Event

In May 2015, I had the honor of bring my Five Rivers Bhangra team into the White House, where I had come up with a choreo based on the First Lady's "Gimme Five" and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk." This was to advocate the First Lady's "Lets Move" initiative to help fight obesity in the US. The performance was succesfull and it was safe to say that everyone had a wonderful time at the White House on that day! 

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